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:: Monday, May 20, 2002 ::

What Ever Happened to the Old Way?

They came here long ago. Long ago is silent now. It keeps quiet. At one time there walked upon this Earth, the stick people. They were little people that roamed the woods and could not be seen. I have heard about them in various North American Indian Legends. They had what was called medicine power, and they were gifts from the sky. They helped the lonely, and the depressed. They were restless helpers. Yet, on the other hand they were considered evil, or perhaps too unknown to be discussed. Certain legends about monsters and shadows were used to scare little children into obeying their parents. The little people were something I picked though because they not only were of interest to me, but they also had a mysterious nature that sparked me inside. I am a Dreamer, I have seen what it is that hides in those woods. I know the darkness in the woods, and I go in them during the day to feel the wind. Their is an ancient peace in this world that helps me understand the Creator. I have heard of the Great Dreamer too, He is some one who carries about him, all the beauty in this world. The dreamer is old like the hills. His roots are deep. His peace is like that of passing clouds. He never gives up on anything either. He walks and talks with those who suffer.

Have you ever gone into thos abandoned mountains looking for the little peaple? They are not higher then your knee. They are very strong. In the old days, it was said that this little people could haul you off and kidnap you. Such Ideas were these that scared children.

Our modern society laughs at such an Idea now. Civilization mocks such nonsense. But to me it is real. It is very real for me to show respect to the unknown.

I miss the old days! The ones that happened in the long ago. It was a time when animals talked like people, and they looked like people. Then the human came along and walked all over this beautiful planet, and soon the animals took their forms that they are known today by. We humans think that we can exploit our home. Use it all up and then throw it away. We must be very careful with what we do with our home. I drive though those massive cities with my family and all I see is a dirty sky, and streets filled with ugly garbage. Multitudes of cars can be seen. The site goes on forever. The tall buildings, the smog, the noise. All of it ignores the stillness in the woods, or the sun in the Loudness of it all. The hopi say that even woman are going crazy now because they are coming up with strange new philosophies and are getting lustful.

It is sad that morality, and reason is being replaced with lust and deception. The Evil, and materialistic way of life can only destroy those it possesses and currupts. To fall into it's temptation, and sin will only brings good hearts down into the dirty pits of strange, ungodly, personal distruction.

The people in world are going crazy. Lots of children are ignoring the advice of their Elders. Stories and legends no longer matter.

Their are a few people though, who are good hearted, and they know the way.

It is just saddening me alot, that lots of people are forgetting the old way. They are forgetting the beautiful sunsets. They are missing the value of a clean life. Morals have lots of value to me. I love to hear the old stories. I love to hear what happened to the old people. I have dreams late at night about aged pine trees, and the smell of smoke, and fresh green cedars.

In the darkness of it all I can see a light. I Go deep into the wilderness, and fear not the unknown that might test me. I Walk not with fear in the soul unless I have been searching for the wrong thing. I Respect The One God. He is the majesty over all. He is the supreme Creative Power, that gives all the living forces. It is this wind that gave us breath. behold, it is this holy wind!

There is a Ghost that talks to the wind. I love the Dreamer. He is in everything. Sometimes I go out there into the trees and talk to them, sometimes I feel the extreme quietness, and I am overwhelmed by its righteous power!

It is an experience to walk to the edge of an ancient cliff, with a four thousand year old tree balancing on the edge of it. In the distance a thunder storm roars and shakes the Earth beneath it. The cold wind blows the rain through the summer smelter. What a gift of life it is for me to be able to talk, and to be the dreamer.

It is my gift to dream. To talk about what happened long ago. People who listen to things such as I describe are the dreamers too. We each have our own language. We must understand though that every gift given us is from the Greater Power, of God.

To God I stand amazed! to him, I give my life. He gave us the stories, and the unknown. He gives us the wisdom, the Elders, and the Trees. He gave us the Earth and wind. I Think every person has a responsibility to care for our beautiful Mother Earth. Her beauty I can never give up.

We are the two-leggeds, We are being given our chance to make everything right. We are trusted with sacred lands!, will we protect them, or exploit them, and turn them into nasty, barren waste. I might not native, but I am a human being who understands truth, and I willn always try to honor it!

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